Yves Morel Tri-Phasic Oil


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Yves Morel Tri-Phasic Oil

Very Dry, Rough Nails And Cuticles.


  • Shake it up: striking colorful tri-phase technology infused with moisture and nutrition to quench and rehabilitate your dried thirsty nails

  • Superior phase contains mineral oil that is moisturizing and vitalizing

  • Middle phase contains a special emollient agent

  • Inferior phase contains glycerin well known for its humectant properties

  • Superior and middle phases also contain nourishing sweet almond oil


  • Amazing cocktail shots for your nails and cuticles combining the magic hydrating and nourishing benefits of glycerin and oil


» Nails are nourished after one week: 100%

» Nails are moisturized after one week: 100%

» Cuticles are nourished after one week: 95%

» Cuticles are softened after one week: 84%


  • Shake well before use, apply on bare nails and nail contours

  • Massage-in to facilitate its absorption

  • Wash and dry your nails carefully if a nail polish is to be applied