Garnier Ultra Doux with Camomile and Flower Honey Illuminating Shampoo

20,750 LBP

Brand Garnier
SKU: 4245410

The perfect recipe for blonde hair, Garnier Ultra Doux Camomile and Flower Honey Shampoo combines Camomile known for its lightening and softening properties with flower honey renowned for its nourishing properties, in a soft and light texture that does not weigh down your hair.
Result: lightened as if you’ve just come back from holiday, your hair will look beautiful, natural and have an incomparable shine. No more dull blondes, your hair will be incredibly shiny and bright. Perfectly groomed without being weighed down, blonde hair will regain its softness to the touch.
Paraben-free and silicone-free.

  • Illuminates and Softens Blonde hair
  • Fresh and Natural fragrance
  • Paraben-free & Silicone-free

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