Style Pro Universal Foldable Silicone Hair Dryer Diffuser


Features: Helps diffuse the dryer heat and air evenly. Expands the heat zone, preventing heat damage to the hair and keeping your curls natural. Get salon-quality products at home. Maintain your natural texture while blowing out the frizz.
• Save time: With increased airflow, the hair dryer diffuser saves up to 75% on drying and styling time.
• Foldable Structure: This silicone diffuser hair dryer is durable, its foldable design ensures it is easier to put in your purse or makeup bag, great for traveling.
• Suitable for: The silicone construction is designed to stretch and shrink to fit almost any hair dryer that fits accessories. (Nozzle diameter: 1.565 inches to 1.968 inches)
• Heartwarming: The removable filter net allows the hair dryer to come into direct contact with the hair.