Ruby Rose Water Face Mask

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When skin has been damaged by long exposure to the sun, you need an effective way to soothe it and provide it with the nutrients it needs in an effective treatment. Using biocellulose, this mask ensures that in just 15 minutes your skin receives essential nutrients, including hyaluronic acid, and water-binding sugars to help repair and rehydrates

Facial Bamboo mask is a luxurious treatment that uses the power of natural ingredients to soothe the skin and improve its overall condition in just 15- 20 minutes.

Bamboo face mask is a product that lightens the skin and reduces acne, is healing and hydrates your complexion.

single application

Use 15-20 minutes

1-The skin is more luminous

2-The skin is hydrated

3-The skin is soothed from irritation

4-Heal/Hydrated Brightens skin & Reduces acne

How to use:

1-Unfold the mask

2-Apply the mask to clean ,dry skin

2-Leave on for 15-20 minutes

3-Remove the mask and massage any excess product into the skin

No need to rinse

Use twice a week