Ruby Rose Niacinamide Facial Mask use


Niacinamide facial mask helps to balance the skin and reduce pore.

A powerful all in one formula, our Niacinamide Facial Mask has been created to rebalance, hydrate and soothe the skin. This plant-based formula

keeps your skin feeling calm and hydrated, with a clear complexion.

This is a great formula for blemish control as it helps to minimize inflammation, reduce oiliness and protect the skin from breakouts.

Sheet Mask is stuffed with cooling and soothing ingredients that draws out impurities to instantly mattify,smooth and refine the appearance of


Single Application

How to use

1-Unfold the mask

2-Apply the mask to clean ,dry skin

3-Leave on for 15-20 minutes

4-Remove the mask and massage any excess product into the skin.

No need to rinse.