Ruby Rose Eyebrow Gel Mascara


The Full Brow Gel is for you to have perfect eyebrows!
This Eyebrow Volumizing Gel provides incredible volume, will fill in and define your eyebrows with greater precision.
In addition, the product is easy to apply, long-lasting and quick-drying. Perfect to make you look beautiful!

The Full Brow Gel for eyebrows will be your new darling, versatile, compact, contains small fibers that fill, comb and create a perfect and flawless eyebrow.

Its gel texture is extremely comfortable, leaving your eyebrow voluminous and natural looking.
It's easy, just apply and comb the hair with gel, leaving your brow full and flawless.

- Fills and defines
- Disguises gray hairs
- Long lasting
- High fixation

Cruelty Free🐰