Ruby Beauty Lip Oil



Lip Oil

 our specially crafted lip oil, designed to provide nourishment, hydration, and a glossy finish. 💧💋


  • Plant-derived Oil Blend
  • Polyisobutene (derived from natural sources)
  • Octyldodecanol (derived from plant oils)
  • CelloBIOse Octanonoate (natural sugar derivative)
  • Natural Copolymers (derived from plant sources)
  • Hydrogenated Polyisoprene Crosspolymer (plant-based)
  • Parfum (Fragrance from natural essential oils)

Our lip oil is formulated with care using natural and plant-derived ingredients to enhance the natural beauty of your lips, leaving them soft, supple, and subtly shiny. 💄✨

Experience the ultimate lip care with our Luxurious Lip Oil. Treat yourself to irresistibly smooth and hydrated lips! 💁‍♀️💖