Perspirex Original Antiprespirant Roll-On 20 ML

By Riemann

- Controls Excessive Sweat And Odor.
- Perspirex Original Controls Excessive Sweat And Odor.
- It Provides An Extra-Effective Protection Against Sweat And Odor For 3-5 Days.
- Ensures An Extra Dry Skin Feel.
- Ensures A Good Skin Comfort And Reduces Potential Skin Irritation.

It Is Recommended For Normal To Sensitive Skin, With Excessive Sweating Problems.
When First Using, Apply Every Night For 5 Days, Continue By Applying 2-3 Nights Per Week.
Perspirex Should Be Used In The Evening, On Clean And Dry Skin, Free Of Any Signs Of Irritation Or Injury.
The Next Morning Wash With Soap And Water. No Need To Reapply.