Pupa Milano Kit Vamp! Mascara & Eyebrow Fixing Gel Green

By Pupa

Vamp! 100 – extra Black
This volume-building mascara is revolutionary in performance and formula.
Get thick, full, super dense lashes with the dramatic look of false lashes, without the bother of wearing them. It is adjustable: you can create the effect you want, stroke after stroke.
The texture is creamy, with a restructuring effect, and Pupa created the sinuous wand, with soft, dense bristles to pick up maximum product quantity and immediately release it generously and homogenously on lashes. Extra black, plus 5 other colors available.

Low risk of allergies
Ophthalmologist tested
Paraben free
Suitable for sensitive eyes and for people who wear contact lenses

Made in Italy

Eyebrow Fixing Gel
The ideal product for neat, styled eyebrows all day long. The transparent texture is fresh and lightweight, adhering to your eyebrows and styling them without being sticky. The convenient and practical mini brush combs and shapes them perfectly.

Low allergy risk
Dermatologically tested
Paraben free