Petite Maison Shampoo Volumizing 300ml


Haircare starts with a good cleaning process. Petite Maison Shampoo 300 ml Volumizing cleans the hair deeply from root to tip with the boosters it contains. Unlike other shampoos, it adds intense volume to the hair. It provides a fuller, softer and more voluminous appearance. While performing the hair cleansing process, helps to prevent wear and breakage. While it cleans the hair, it also has a repair effect.

At the same time, it helps the hair to gain a more voluminous appearance by nourishing it. In addition to its cleansing effect in haircare, Petite Maison Shampoo 300 ml Volumizing has a smoothing effect on the surface of the hair strand, which repairs wear and split ends. It is applied to wet hair with massage movements during shower. 

How To Use:

The Application process is performed from root to tip with fingertips in a naïve way with soft touches. Petite Maison Shampoo 300 ml Volumizing shows its effect after a few washes.

After rinsing with warm water, excess moisture is removed from the hair with a soft towel.

Then, gentle combing and drying process is carried out. Thanks to the camellia oil it contains, the hair structure gains a softer, plump, and voluminous appearance after drying.


Petite Maison Shampoo 300 ml Volumizing contains Camellia Oil Extract that has a haircare effect. Composed of Oleic Acid (Omega 9) and Linoleic Acid components, Camellia Oil gives the hair a radiant shine.