Petite Maison Shampoo Anti-Pollution 300ML


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Hair cleaners, one of the basic components of hair care, gain a new dimension with Petite Maison Shampoo Anti-Pollution 300 ml. One of the causes of rapid hair pollution is environmental pollution. Petite Maison Shampoo Anti-Pollution 300 ml offers a good cleansing effect in this context. It gives a silky touch while repairing the hair and hair ends that are damaged due to the environmental pollution factor from root to tip. Moreover, it is a good supporter of protecting the hair against environmental pollution. In this way, it prevents problems such as breaking and wearing quickly. It minimizes the wear rate. While it gives a smooth touch to the hair strands, it increases their durability. Petite Maison Shampoo Anti-Pollution 300 ml supports the hair not to be affected by negative factors such as air pollution and moisture. It provides deep cleansing from the scalp to the hair surface and gives shine.

How To Use:

During the shower, Petite Maison Shampoo Anti-Pollution 300 ml should be applied to wet hair in a naïve way with massage movements. The practice process is carried out with soft touches and with fingertips without putting too much pressure on the scalp. It is then rinsed with warm water. After the intensity water is taken from the hair with a soft towel, combing and drying process is performed. Petite Maison Shampoo 300 ml Anti-Pollution shows its effect after a few showers.


 The wheat bran extract contained in Petite Maison Shampoo Anti-Pollution 300 ml helps to satisfy the intense moisture needed by the hair and nourishes the hair