OGX Kukui Shampoo 385ML


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OGX Hydrate & Defrizz + Kukuí Oil Shampoo 385ml is a cleansing solution specially developed to address frizz while removing daily impurities. As it happens, this special composition is able to increase smoothness and repel humidity for a glossy and lustrous finish. It does so by resorting to the line’s key agent, Kukui Oil – a Hawaiian ingredient that creates a shine-boosting and protective layer on the hair surface.

In addition to all of this, the Hydrate & Defrizz + Kukuí Oil Shampoo equally provides a gentle but efficient cleansing action. Infused with mild surfactants, this shampoo turns into a rich lather when in contact with water that ensures a pleasant and thorough wash. As a result, the strands are not only free from frizz but also perfectly clean, displaying unfailing smoothness and shine after each application.

As a last note, the Hydrate & Defrizz + Kukuí Oil Shampoo does not contain sulfates.