New Nordic Melissa Dream 20 Tablets for stress and Better Sleep


Natural Combination Of Active Ingredients To Reduce Stress And Promote Better Sleep.
Melissa Dream Is A Combination Of Natural Active Ingredients: Lemon Balm, L-Theanine, Chamomille, Vitamin B Complex And Magnesium
Helps Support Restful Sleep And Focus Your Mind.
Melissa Dream Is The Tablet You Need To Maintain A Normal Restful Sleep, Normal Function Of Your Nervous System And The Ability To Deal Effectively With Impulses, Which Affect The Focus Of Your Mind. The Unique Bioactive Micronutrients And Herbal Extract Combination Contained In Each Tablet Nourish And Influence Your Brain, Nerves And Your Psychological Functions.
To Relieve Stress, One Tablet Per Day.
To Induce And Improve Sleep, Take 2 Tablets One Hour Before Bedtime.