Mollito Beard Balm 40Ml

By Mollito

Beard Balm:

Beard balm has a smooth uniformity, it’s used to make the beard tender, and moisturize the skin, especially used for long beards it can help you to shape it properly. It provides a strong hold, a coherent shape, and a styled look. It can be used along with beard oil. It’s a natural and organic product.

Beard Balm Steps:

  1. Scrape a quantity worth a fingernail from the jar.
  2. Warm it up by rubbing your hand or fingers together. You should have a warm thick liquid ready to apply.
  3. Apply to your beard and mustache rubbing into the hair and skin. Start from the neck and work upwards getting down to the hair roots, then reverse down.
  4. Comb or brush your beard, mustache, and style to your suiting.