Medinfar Ketopan Foam 200 ML


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Hygiene Of Oily-Prone Sensitive Skin.
Ketopan Foam Is A Product Specially Formulated To Be Used In Oily And Sensitive Skin, Tendentially Or Manifestly Seborrheic. Its Gentle Cleansing Base, Associated With An Enriched Lipid Mixture With Ceramides And Cholesterol, Allows Ketopan Foam To Have Important Anti-Seborrheic, Restructuring, And Soothing Properties Of The Affected Areas. Ketopan Foam Is Indicated For The Hygiene Of Oily-Prone Sensitive Skin And For Control And Prevention Of Seborrheic States In Their Multiple Forms.

How To Use:
Apply Ketopan Foam To The Affected Areas, Previously Wet With Tepid Water. Massage Gently And Leave On For 1 Minute. Rinse Thoroughly.