Isispharma Teen Derm Gel Sensitive



Teen Derm Gel Sensitive Has Been Especially Developed For Sensitive Skin With Imperfections. It Helps To Clean The Skin Thanks To The Purifying And Soothing Action.
Teen Derm Gel Sensitive Is Composed Of 5 Active Ingredients Rigorously Selected In Order To Offer An Optimal Result:
- The Avocado Oil Plant Esters And Zinc Salt Help Regulate Excess Sebum And Limit The Spread Of Bacteria,
- Propolis Combined With Boswellia Extract With Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial And Repairing Properties, Helps To Regenerate The Weakened Skin Barrier And Moisturize And Soothe The Epidermis.

Use This Cleansing Gel Morning And Evening On The Face, Back And Chest, Massage Gently And Rinse.