Isispharma Metroruboril Az 30 ML


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Reduce Severe Redness And Associated Blemishes (Papules And Pustules) With The Patented Calm Complex And The 15% Azelaic Acid In Metroruboril A.Z. Cream.
Metroruboril A.Z. Is Complete Concentrated Initial Treatment That Will Result In:
• Decreased Redness In Four Weeks.
• Reduced Blemishes (Papules And Pustules)
• Improved Skin Microcirculation
The Very Good Results Obtained From One Month Of Use Of Metroruboril A.Z Cream Are Due To Its Formula Specially Designed To Reduce Severe Redness:
• The ?-Calm Patented Active Ingredient Complex Which Is A Combination Of Yeast, Plant Extracts, Vitamin B3, ? -Glycyrrhetinic Acid (Anti-Inflammatory) And Betaine. It Soothes And Reduces Redness At The Source Thanks To Its Four Effects: Strengthens The Capillary Walls, Reinforces The Skin Barrier, Soothes The Epidermis And Moisturizes The Skin.
• Azelaic Acid With Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial And Anti-Inflammatory Properties. It Makes Up 15% Of The Formula And Reduces Inflammation And Imperfections Such As Papules And Pustules.
• Glycerine (2%) Helps To Moisturize The Skin
During The Initial Treatment Phase (Two To Three Months), Apply The Cream Twice A Day. Then During The Maintenance Phase, Apply Only At Night And Apply Ruboril Expert S Or M In The Morning.