Isispharma Glyco-A 12% Medium Peeling 30ml


GLYCO-A 12% glycolic acid anti aging skin, wrinkles and dark spots  is shown to delay skin aging, wrinkles, dark spots, preparing for peeling with glycolic acid.
Glycolic acid weakens the links between the surface cells of the epidermis, which leads to its thinning and smoothing. In the skin it increases the formation of collagen and elastin. Indication:
Reduces the wrinkles, exfoliating the epidermis layer and activating the cells self-renewal.
Smoothes the skin.
Lightens the tone and tightens the pores.

Apply GLYCO-A 12% every other day, preferably on the evening, during the first 2 weeks, then every day after that period.
Can be used with other cosmetic creams.
It is desirable to use a UVBLOCK cream factor 50 or 50+ while using Glyco-A