Isipharma Glyco-A Body Peeling 200ml


ISIS Pharma GLYCO-A Body Peeling 10% Glycolic Acid Cream 200ml. Dry & rough skin Body Peeling for Dry and rough skin. Loss of firmness. “Treat your body to a peel to soften your skin, deeply moisturise and tone it with GLYCO-A Body cream. Its optimal 10% concentration of glycolic acid makes it ideal to visibly improve skin texture: helps to eliminate the roughness of dry skin and tones skin that lacks firmness.” The pH of GLYCO-A SOFT Peeling is 3.8, for a perfect balance between skin tolerance and effectiveness of the treatment. HOW TO USE IT ? Apply once a day to the areas of the body to be exfoliated. During the day, cover the treated area of the body with clothing or apply high-factor sun protection. Dermatologically tested Do not apply to mucous membranes. Wash hands after use. It is essential to use high-factor sun protection for the duration of the treatment and for one week after discontinuing it. Avoid applying a surface peel during the summer Do not apply on sensitive or sensitised skin. Avoid multiple types of exfoliation (chemical and mechanical). Do not apply a peel within 72 hours after hair removal. 24 hours before the very first application, do an allergy test with your peel, just inside the elbow. Do not use if you are pregnant. Do not apply to children under 12 years of age. Some drug treatments are not compatible with the peel. Ask your doctor for advice.