Garnier Ultra Doux Almond Milk and Agave Sap Normal Hair Conditioner

11,500 LBP

Brand Garnier
SKU: 0577600

Size 360ml 

Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush Normal Hair Conditioner with 98% Natural Origin Ingredients. Discover our new haircare range to gently cleanse & weightlessly nourish normal hair battling the daily struggle. Almond Crush Conditioner: Our ultimate care blended for naturally beautiful hair with Organic Almond Milk & Organic Agave Sap

Key Product Benefits:

  • Revitalises and intensesly repairs damaged hair
  • Leaves hair easier to manage and feeling revitalised from root to tip, as if repaired
  • Enriched with natural ingredients extracts: Maple Sap & Castor Oil
  • Vegan formula: No animal derived ingredients or by products
  • 100% recyclable bottles

Do you sometimes feel like it's you and your hair against the world?

Discover Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush Conditioner; the ideal normal hair care. Pollution, heat, sweat and product build-up can feel like a daily battle. No need to stress when you can enjoy two scrumptious ingredients in a creamy formula, to leave hair gently cleansed and beautifully nourished.

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