Filorga Global Repair Cream-50ML

By Filorga

Filorga Global Repair Cream-50ML is a multi-revitalizing cream with a long-lasting anti-ageing action and reinforces the skin's natural defenses thanks to:

A core formula composed of multi-revitalizing active ingredients inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques.

Ultra-nourishing textures with no greasy effect and a velvety finish.


Key Components
Niacinamide that no only increases ceramides synthesis, which leads to better skin hydration and a healthier skin barrier, but also smoothes wrinkles and boosts the skin's radiance;

Sodium Hyaluronate also knew as Hyaluronic Acid that acts as a sponge helping the skin to hold onto water subsequently making it plumper and more flexible.




Multi-functional anti-aging cream that tackles all the issues of dull skin.

How To Use  

Apply a thin layer during the day as a classic skincare and in a thick layer at night as a night mask.



Deeply nourishes the skin, restores firmness and definition to the skin, smoothes wrinkles.