Ruby Rose Facial Refreshing Toner Water With Collagen


This refreshing toner cleans and softens the skin, helps to control the oily

matter secretion, and makes the skin smooth and tender. It also has many extracts such as aloe vera, lavender extract, ginseng root extract, and trehalose extract


Hydrating properties for skin, moisturizer, skin protecting and antioxidant.


Is relaxing, calming and soothing for the skin

Collagen restores a youthful radiance because it improves skin’s elasticity, plumping your skin

How to use

shake the product before use. Take a proper amount of toner with a cotton pad, gently apply it on the cheek and neck. It can be used twice per day .


illuminates complexion and supports the skin’s protective barrier. Works to clear pores, even skin tone, calm irritation, and smooth skin texture.