Face Facts Collagen & Q10 Eye Cream


It’s time to put your skin in the spotlight!

Energize your skin with this eye cream. The hero here is ubiquinone (Q10) an awesome antioxidant as its known to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines. With nice ingredients like collagen that make your skin soft, smooth and lovely.

Soften + Smooth + temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines
Collagen + Ubiquinone (Q10)
Rich Eye cream that glides on and soaks in quickly
How to use:

Ensure skin is clean & dry before use. Apply a pea-sized amount of the eye cream under the eyes and on the eyelids. Use gentle tapping motions until the cream is fully absorbed. Do not rinse off. Use daily, alongside the Face Facts Collagen & Q10 range to complete your daily skincare routine.