Essence Brush cleansing Set

By Essence

Essence Brush Cleansing Set of Cleansing Pad and Brush Holder.

The essence BRUSH CLEANSING SET offers everything you need for the perfect care of your make-up brushes. Brushes can be gently and easily cleaned with soap and water using the cleansing pad. The practical brush holder holds all brush sizes and is the perfect tool to dry brushes vertically or store them horizontally.


Product details:

  • Pad for gentle brush cleansing
  • Holder to dry and store brushes
  • Suitable for all brush sizes


Instructions for use: Stick the cleansing tool in the sink or hold it. Wet your make-up brushes and apply some face wash. Rub the brushes on the tool until they are clean, then rinse with water. The brush holder can be used vertically to dry brushes heads down or horizontally to store them.