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Elvive Total Repair 5 Shampoo is enriched with Rose of Jericho extract and Ceramide to re-structure and repair the five signs of damaged hair: hair fall, roughness, dullness, flat hair and split ends. The shampoo leaves the hair:
1. Stronger
2. Smoother
3. Shinier
4. Thicker
5. With Repaired ends

New Total Repair 5 formula is enriched with Ceramide and Rose of Jericho extract (known as the resurrection plant) for a double action:
1- Deep reparation: Penetrates and restores the hair fiber from roots to tips.
2- Protection: Protects hair against external aggressions. The hair is 15X stronger, as if renewed.

Direction to use:

1) Brush your hair before shampooing.  
2) Pour a dab of shampoo into your hands.
3) Apply shampoo to wet hair.
4) Divide the product over the entire hair and emulsify for 1 minute by massaging the scalp.
5) Rinse thoroughly until your hair "squeezes" under your fingers.  
6) In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

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