Dali Lip Butter Balm 15gr


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Dali lip butter balm

Dali’s lightweight lip butter balm leaves your lips

hydrated, nourished and naturally plumped. The formula

is generously infused with Shea butter, Hyaluronic acid

and sweet almond oil for instant moisture and shine.

Can be used as a lip mask overnight.

How to use

Apply on the lips as many times as needed, throughout

the day.

When to use

Anytime you want to keep your lips hydrated.

Active Ingredients


-Vitamin E to moisturize the lips and to act as an


-Hyaluronic acid helping the skin retain moisture .

-Shea butter to boost skin moisture and engage the

anti-aging properties.

-Sweet almond oil, which is rich in vitamin E to help

soothe and hydrate.

-Jojoba oil acts as a protective barrier over dry and

chapped lips.