Collistar Moisturizing Tanning Spray SPF 10


The practical, fast and safe way to a radiant tan.Moisturizing Tanning Spray offers a new refreshing experience in the field of sun protection.This lightweight spray has an exceptional moisture-regulating capacity, absorbs lightning fast and keeps the skin - unlike many sprays - incredibly soft and supple thanks to jojoba and tamanu oil.Oleil tyrosine stimulates the formation of melanin, resulting in a faster tan.In addition, this spray has a wonderful summery scent.Offers an exceptionally moisturizing effect and feels as if a fresh cool breeze is blowing gently over the skin.All in all a wonderful cooling for the skin that moves under the rays of the warm, burning sun.This soft,Safe sun protection is extremely practical to use and is available in SPF 10, 20 and 30. Moisturizing Tanning Spray is also transparent and, thanks to the 360 ??? spray, ensures optimum spread, even on hard-to-reach skin areas.This sun care is also water and perspiration resistant, making the product also ideal for men.Moreover, it does not stick, leaving body and hair free from sand.The result?A soft, supple, hydrated skin with a radiant tan.