Collistar Anticellulite Slimming Night Serum


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Fighting unsightly cellulite and reshaping the body at night while you sleep. The Collistar Research department has created the first night-time anticellulite treatment - a special and innovative product with a dual effect: slimming and fighting cellulite.

This ambitious aim has been achieved thanks to a unique complex of three revolutionary active ingredients:

- The exclusive Cell-Nocturne System that takes advantage of the nocturnal biorhythms of skin tissue and follows a precise and specific strategy of action during the hours when the skin is most receptive to treatment.

-Nocturne System+ sea salt:

4 steps for total effectiveness

Step 1. The product's high saline concentration performs a fast draining effect, helping mobilize excess fluid.

Step 2. The first component of the Cell-Nocturne System then starts working: Caffeine, a substance that stimulates the activity of lipases, enzymes that control the break-up of fat, and helps reduce the size of adipocytes.

Step 3. The attack on localized adipose deposits continues with a biotechnological active ingredient obtained from microorganisms of a special plankton that works on two fronts: it combats the action of Nocturnin, a protein in adipocytes that helps fat accumulate during the night, and it stimulates collagen synthesis, improving skin tone and firmness.

Step 4. The concentrated extract of Coral Alga boosts the lypolytic action and combats the night-time absorption of fat, increasing leptin synthesis. This protein, produced by adipose cells between 10 pm and 3am, signals the feeling of 'satiety' that blocks lipogenesis, in other words the formation of new adipocytes. The special Transcutol system boosts effectiveness by speeding up the penetration of active ingredients and optimizes results.* cosmetic against the imperfections caused by cellulite.