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Carroten CC Dream Skin Suncare Face Cream SPF50 (Tinted Light to Medium)


Brand Carroten
SKU: CAR4960

Carroten CC Dream Skin Multi Corrector SPF50 Dreamy skin 

  • With advanced UV balance protection system
  • With wide spectrum UVA/UVB photostable filters, for protection against sunburn and premature ageing
  • With latest generation mineral pigments which correct skin tone, as they cover most types of discolorations and imperfections (freckles, dark and liver spots), providing visibly improved results.
  • Its advanced formula, enhanced with the antioxidant action of a carotenoid compound –protectil complex- protects skin cells against oxidative stress, responsible for skin ageing.
  • With fortified composition that combines moisturizing and conditioning agents, guarding the skin’s natural hydro-lipid barrier.
  • Absorbs easily and quickly, leaving a matte skin finish.

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