Carrot Sun Oil Gold 200 ML

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By Carrot

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Gold Tan Accelerating Cream Is A Perfumed Delight That Is Good For Developing A Base Tan For All Skin Types. It Is Moisturizing, Contains The Natural Tan Accelerating Agent L-Tyrosine, Almond Oil Which Is Rich In Vitamin E, And Wheat Germ Oil Which Contains Essential Fatty Acids. It Is A Great Combination Of Essential Skin-Loving Elements For Optimal Tanning Conditions, Leaving Skin Moisturized And Positively Glowing. Now In An Easy-To Apply Spray Bottle For Fast Application.

Skin Type: All

Benefits For Skin: Almond Oil Contains E & B Vitamins, And Essential Fatty Acids. Wheat Germ Oil Contains High Levels Of Antioxidants, Which Combat Free Radicals And Have Anti-Ageing Properties.

Contains Almond & Wheat Germ Oil. If You Have Skin Sensitivities, Nut Allergies, Or Are Gluten Intolerant, Please Consult Your Dermatologist Prior To Use.