Carrot Sun Cream Coconut 350 ML

187,000 LBP
By Carrot

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Coconut Tan Accelerating Cream Is One Of Our Gentler Accelerators That Works Well For Fair And Sensitive Skin, And Helps To Develop A Base Tan If You Have Not Been In The Sun For A While. But Just Because It Is Gentle Does Not Mean That It Won't Get You Dark! If Used For A Prolonged Period It Will Get You Quite Tanned. It Contains The Natural Tan Accelerator L-Tyrosine, And Coconut Oil, Which Is A Wonderful Natural Moisturizer And Works To Soothe Sensitive Skin. This Cream Arouses A Sense Of The Tropics With Its Sensational Coconut Aroma.

Skin Type: Sensitive/Fair/Dry

Benefits For Skin: Coconut Oil Contains A Range Of Antioxidants, And Provides Thorough Moisturization For The Skin.

Contains Almond & Wheat Germ Oil. If You Have Skin Sensitivities, Nut Allergies, Or Are Gluten Intolerant, Please Consult Your Dermatologist Prior To Use.