Carrot Sun Cream 350 ML

187,000 LBP
By Carrot

Carrot Tan Accelerating Cream Is The First And Original Tanning Cream Developed By Carrot Sun®. This Cream Will Get You As Tanned As Possible And Will Allow You To Get Very Dark- Fast! It Is Best Used On Olive Skin Or On Fair Skin That Already Has A Base Tan. It Contains The Natural Tan Accelerators L-Tyrosine And Carrot Oil Which Stimulate And Support The Skin's Natural Tanning Process By Giving It What It Needs As It Needs It When Exposed To Sunlight Or A Sunbed. This Cream Also Contains Henna, Which Enhances Your Color To A Stunning Deep Golden Hue And Prolongs The Life Of Your Tan.

Skin Type: All

Benefits For Skin: Carrot Oil Contains Carotene Antioxidants, Vitamin A, And Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Which Have Moisturizing And Cell-Regenerative Properties.

Contains Almond & Wheat Germ Oil. If You Have Skin Sensitivities, Nut Allergies, Or Are Gluten Intolerant, Please Consult Your Dermatologist Prior To Use.