Bioderma Sensibio H2O Eyes 125ML


Thanks to its unique composition, the two-phase micellaire water Sensibio H2O eye, combines the effective removal of even waterproof makeup and high tolerance, giving sensitive skin hydration and soothing.

Removes makeup and cleanses eyes and lips, removing even waterproof makeup and impurities: Sensibio H2O Eye combines 2 phases which when combined, work together to remove makeup instantly and gently and clean eyes and lips:

1) The lipophilic phase, with the necessary fats, represents 30% of the composition and instantly dissolves the waterproof makeup.

2) The hydrophilic phase, rich in strong cleansing micelles (70%), completes the oily phase for optimal efficiency in the removal of make-up and dirt. The 30:70 ratio between the phases has been optimized, to ensure the ideal efficiency and tolerance, as well as the feeling of freshness and comfort on the skin.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, a key moisturizing active ingredient found naturally in the skin, Sensibio H2O Eye moisturizes and leaves the skin comfortable.

In addition, fortified with soothing pure sugars, Sensibio H2O Eye prevents the risk of skin reactions that are often associated with cleansing. The sensitive area around the eyes is strengthened and the lashes are protected for a long time.

Protects the skin barrier and ensures perfect tolerance even for the most sensitive skin:

1) The micellaire technology developed by Bioderma Laboratory includes a unique, gentle and non-ionic herbal surfactant. Respects the natural protective film.

2) Composition with a pH between 6.5 to 7, equivalent to that of tear fluid, Sensibio H2O eye respects the physiology of even the most sensitive eyes.

3) Copper gluconate, an antimicrobial agent, gives its blue color to the aqueous phase, allowing the separation of the 2 phases in a natural way, without the addition of dye.

4) Sensibio H2O eye contains only the necessary ingredients in the appropriate dose.


 Apply with a piece of cotton on the lashes and eyelids.

  • Tap lightly to allow the product to penetrate.

  • Gently remove the outside of the lashes.

  • No need to rinse.