Garnier Ultra Doux Almond Milk And Agave Sap Normal Hair Conditioner

By Garnier


Discover Garnier Ultra Doux Almond Milk Conditioner, the ideal normal hair care. Pollution, heat, sweat and product build-up can feel like a daily battle. No need to stress when you can enjoy two scrumptious ingredients in a creamy formula, to leave hair gently cleansed and beautifully nourished.
98% Natural Origin Ingredients: Two organic ingredients, beautifully blended to create a recipe that is made from 98% Natural Origin Ingredients. The remaining 2% guarantee good preservation.
•Gently cleanses for Healthier, Stronger, Fairytale hair
•The lightweight formula leaves hair Silky Smooth and Beautifully Soft
•98% Natural Origin Ingredients, Vegan Formula, Silicone free for a natural feel
How to Use:
After shampooing, apply to the hair all the way to the ends and massage with care. Let it act for a moment then rinse.