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Wibo 9 In 1 With Argan Power

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Brand WIBO

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A conditioner that helps keep your nails in perfect condition - strong and healthy. It works comprehensively on 9 different levels:

1. Cures the plate,
2. It is an effective antioxidant,
3. Protects against UV rays,
4. Strengthens,
5. Moisturizes,
6. Provides anti-aging effect,
7. Nourishes,
8. Whitens,
9. Antifungal.

Keratin , which is the building material of the nail, strengthens and hardens it;
Arginine , which is one of the natural moisturizing ingredients;
Wit. E improves the condition of the nail plate, provides anti-agenig effect, counteracts free radicals;
Algae extract from Laminaria Ochroeuca also known as golden algae, provides UV protection, anti-inflammatory;
Resin that stimulates regeneration;
Having an argan funnel moisturizes, smoothes and strengthens. Stimulates cell renewal, is an excellent antioxidant, works anti-aging. Rebuilds the hydro lipid layer of the nail, providing an increase in cell hydration;
Wit. ANDprovides protective properties;
The complex of oligo-elements provides hydration, elasticity, cell renewal;
A special ingredient responsible for optical whitening of the nail plate;
Tea tree oil providing antibacterial and antifungal properties.

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