Al Wadi Al Akhdar Fava Beans with Chickpeas 400 Grs

13,500 LBP

Carefully-selected cooked Fava Beans  with Chickpeas. Just season with lemon juice, olive oil, and crushed garlic. Serve warm with Arabic bread. For a distinctive flavor, sprinkle a pinch of cumin.

Ingredients: Cooked fava beans (min 49%), boiled chickpeas (min 16%), water, salt, antioxidant: calcium dissodium EDTA. May contain traces of sesame& sulphite.

Nutrition Facts per 100g

Energy: 437Kj/110Kcal
Fat: 2g
of which saturates:0.4g
Carbohydrate: 14g
of which sugars: 0g
Fibre: 6.3g

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