Style Pro RD-605D Automatic Rotary Styling Hair Curler


Automatic Rotary Styling Hair Curler
Heating tube diameter: 28mm
Gear: 5th gear
Power: 45w
Temperature: 110-230 degrees
Automatic shutdown: 45min
Voltage: 110-230V
360° power cord length: 2 meters
Curly hair time reminder: 10S

1. High-speed dual-hole spray, moisturizing hair, leaving no dead ends, neutralizing static electricity.
2. Negative ions ensure the softness of each hair strand and wake up the vitality of the hair.
3. 10 seconds warm-up time, instant hot, quick styling
4. Five-speed constant temperature control, select the appropriate temperature according to the softness of the hair to reduce thermal damage
5. Which is safer and more effective to isolate hot sales during use, preventing hot head and hands.