Sticky Buddy Pet Hair Remover Roller

95,000 LBP

Brand MyKady
  • REUSABLE PET FUR PICKER - A fantastic hair, lint, dust, crumbs, litter and more remover picker brush. Keeping your clothes, furniture, carpets, pets clean is easier and environmentally friendlier than ever. It's safe and effective on any types of surfaces, does a great job regardless of short or long hair.
  • SET OF TWO PIECES - Package includes two designs of the product. Keep the larger roller for your home while using the compact picker on the go, specifically designed to fit in your purse, bag.
  • DOUBLE SIDED STRESS FREE BRUSH - Use it as a brush for your pet, it removes excessive fur without scratching your pet providing a pleasant rub experience.
  • SIMPLE TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN - Remove the protector and roll it over any kind of surface. No cleaning base needed, use tap water to remove scrap from the sticky surface, shake to dry and use it again.

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