Soskin Mat Perfecting Anti Shine Solution 125ml

75,000 LBP 63,750 LBP

Brand Soskin
SKU: SO0044

Shine, enlarged pores
Imperfections are softened, the appearance of pores is minimized. The complexion is instantly more matte, with no thickness.
- Corrective mandelic acid and gluconolactone complex smoothes imperfections and improves the skin's appearance. Its texture is clearer and more even, pores are less visible.
- Iris extract and vitamin PP help to minimize the size of existing imperfections and prevent their appearance.
- The absorbent mineral powders are combined with trace elements to help to control excess sebum and shine.

Shake before use. Apply in the morning and/or as touch-ups to the face with fingertips, alone or after skincare. Avoid the eye area. Wait a few minutes before makeup.

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