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Brand Revuele


Revuele Panthenol Cooling Gel For Solar And Thermal Burns -75 ml

The product has a wide range of action and is used in the integrated care of problem skin areas. Basic component of the gel is Dexpanthenol (D-panthenol). This ingredient is rapidly absorbed in the skin cells and converted into pantothenic acid, which is a component of coenzyme A, plays an important role and helps to recover the skin area and formation of healthy skin.
D-panthenol helps increasing the strength of collagen fibers, promotes active skin regeneration, normalizes cellular metabolism.
Bisabolol contained in the gel soothes the irritated skin, gives elasticity and provides cell regeneration.

Revuele Hand Cream S.O.S. Repair 100ml

Soaps and disinfectants may dry your skin, leaving it rough, chapped, and flaky. Treat your hands with S.O.S. Repair with Panthenol! Panthenol is a renowned active ingredient, used by generations to heal all kinds of superficial skin wounds, burns, and irritations. We designed this instantly repairing cream to help quickly recover the dry skin, damaged by frequent hand washing or disinfection. This regenerating and softening cream is enriched with: + Regenerating Panthenol + Softening Aloe Vera + Replenishing Shea Butter + Strenthening Urea + Moisturising Glycerin.

FREE Revuele Wet Wipes Make-Up Remover I Love My Skin For Eyes And Face With Thermal Water And Sea Minerals - 20 Pcs

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