Pupa Vamp! Explosive Lashes Mascara & Two-phase Make-up Remover Gift Set

733,000 LBP 464,000 LBP

Brand Pupa

Vamp! Explosive Lashes 110 - Explosive Black
The maximum expression of volume on the lashes for an excess without compromise! Vamp! Explosive Lashes, thanks to the super-rich texture and the ultra-soft maxi brush, envelops the lashes, thickening them with a generosity never seen before. All lashes, even the shortest, are emphasized and come out of anonymity, shamelessly becoming protagonists. Comfort is guaranteed all day with a smudge-free seal.

Biphasic Make-up Remover - Special Size
Make-up remover with a two-phase composition, perfect for removing intense and waterproof make-up quickly and gently. It consists of two phases: one oily and one aqueous. By shaking the bottle, the two liquids activate each other and create an effective solution.

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