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Potion Kitchen Face Food Clay Mask Spirulina 50g

25,500 LBP

SKU: POT5359-Spirulina

1- Description:

Clay masks are not something new that has been discovered, in fact Mud-Masking has always been an ancient beauty secret! The Spirulina face food clay mask is a mixture of Kaolin Clay and Spirulina superfood. Kaolinite is a clay mineral from which Kaolin Clay is made, it has amazing skin cleansing and exfoliating properties. It soaks up excess oils and sebum clogging the pores of the skin, making it less prone to acne and giving it more glow. Spirulina powder is made from Spirulina algae that grows in salty and fresh water. Spirulina contains tyrosine, vitamin E or tocopherol, and selenium, all of which are known for their anti-ageing effects. It also tones and detoxifies the skin dulling off free radicals and eliminating toxins from the skin to increase skin metabolism. Spirulina has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus, all of which are vital for your skin’s health.

2- Directions:

Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of masks with enough water in a non-metal bowl. Avoid the eye area when applying. Leave for 5 - 10min. Remove with a wet washcloth.

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