Phyto Color Box The New Ritual Of At-Home Hair Color & CARE

72,000 LBP

Brand Phyto
SKU: 739PH01

Box is the new luxurious way to color your hair with all natural pigments that ensures great results and is easy to use. Suitable for dyeing all types of hair, including sensitive scalps.

PHYTOCOLOR Box brings the PHYTOCOLOR Box to your home and ensures that the perfect results are much easier to achieve and nothing is missing to make the simplest and most effective color experience at home. The Phytocolor Sensitive Permanent coloring treatmentcombines advanced technology and plant knowledge to create a plant-based hair dye that is formulated without resorcinol, PPD, parabens or ammonia for sensitive scalps. Each of the shades of PHYTOCOLOR contains high concentrations of pigments and plant extracts to give the hair a wonderful natural shade and at the same time to ensure health in a collection of 6 intense, long-lasting and deep colors with natural reflexes. The color cream is enriched with HUILE D'ALES elixir with 10 plant extracts! The exceptional concentration of 7 vegetable pigments per shade makes it possible to maintain a natural color with bright reflections while protecting the hair and scalp. The hair is deeply nourished and soft.

The box contains:

  • 1 Lengths Pre-Color Care Tube 15ml - to be applied to the hair length before use to ensure that the application is even and the strands of hair do not become dry;
  • 1 Hair Line Protection Cream sachet - non-greasy cream to protect the surrounding skin from hair dyes;
  • 1 Coloring Cream Tube - with a high concentration of plant pigments for the perfect covering of gray hair, enriched with Huile D'Ales oil, which enhances the color and gives the hair shine;
  • 1 milk developer bottle - to mix the color cream perfectly, ensures intensive and lively color;
  • 1 Color Beautifying Conditioner sachet 12ml - to remove hair residues and close the pores to ensure that the color is fixed;
  • 1 Phytomillesime Color Protecting Mist in travel size 30ml - a spray that protects colored hair and can be used all day long;
  • 1 Hair Salon Cape - to protect your clothes when applying the hair color;
  • 1 pair of gloves - to protect your hands during use;
  • 1 hair dye brush - for a precise application of the hair dye;
  • 1 leaflet with instructions.


PHYTOCOLOR Sensitive Permanent coloring treatment guarantees that the color lasts longer and looks even longer PHYTOCOLOR Sensitive Permanent coloring treatment .

  • Formula enriched with HUILE D'ALES, which contains extracts from: castor oil, calendula, corn, sage, rosemary, juniper, lemon, wheat, oats and apple.
  • Contains plant dyes from the bloodwood tree, garden keel seeds, dye donut, green cabbage and peacock flower, which have been used since ancient times due to their coloring properties
  • Has regenerating, moisturizing and regenerating properties thanks to plant extracts: soy proteins, Acacia concinna, Epaline.
  • Tested under dermatological control, PHYTOCOLOR hair dye reduces the risk of allergies.
  • Cover gray hair 100% from the very first application.
  • PPD and resorcinol free.
  • Formulated without ammonia - no intense smell during use.
  • Paraben free.

How to use

  • The application of the color cream can be renewed every 4 to 5 weeks
  • In the first coloring for long or thick hair, it is recommended to use 2 packs
  • For a perfect result, the hair should be permanently dyed in good condition
  • After a perm or straightening treatment, you should wait 2 to 3 weeks before coloring the hair
  • To remove product residue from the skin, wipe it off with a cotton pad soaked in water and soap.

A method of preparation:

!! Safety instructions !! Check an allergy test on the skin 48 hours before each application.
Remember to put a protective towel on your shoulders, preferably a dark color (risk of dirt).
Wear disposable gloves and use them throughout the dyeing process.

  • The entire contents of the color cream tube should be placed in an applicator bottle containing the milk developer.
  • Close the bottle and shake / stir until the consistency is uniform.
  • Immediately cut off the tip of the applicator bottle cap and start applying the product.


 Not sure of your shade? Ask the expert for assistance, contact salon sylvano via instagram link below:


(on dry and unwashed hair)


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