Nuxe Insta-Masque Purifying + Smoothing Mask 50ml

148,500 LBP

Brand Nuxe
SKU: NUX6086

Purifying mask with clay - purifies and smooths the skin's texture

All skin types, including sensitive skin.
Healthy and radiantly beautiful skin in just 2 minutes.

This purifying mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with white clay to very gently purify the skin.

In just 2 minutes, skin feels cleansed and is visibly smoother. Its ultra-sensory light and fresh texture does not dry out the skin or leave any sensation of tightness, for ideal comfort.

How to Use:
Once or twice a week

Apply liberally to dry skin on all areas to be corrected, avoiding the eye contour.

Leave on for 2 minutes to mattify the skin and tighten pores.

Then rinse with water.

Quick and easy to use in the shower.

Active ingredients: Rose floral water, White Clay (Kaolin).

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