L'Oreal Paris Micellar Water 400ml

36,500 LBP

SKU: 8950300

Cleanse Dirt and Impurities. Removes Makeup. Hydrates and soothes.
The LOreal Paris Laboratories have created a Micellar Water from an advanced purification process combining micelles in water that capture impurities, with Glycerin which moisturises and soothes, for effective cleansing that is gentle on sensitive skin.

REMOVES MAKE-UP: dissolves make-up from the face, eyes and lips in one gentle action, without rubbing or rinsing.
CLEANSES: delicately captures impurities.
SOOTHES: the glycerin works on deeply smoothing and soothing the skin.
1. Morning and evening use. Apply some on a cotton pad.
2. On dry skin, wipe pad all over the face, no need to rub or rinse.
3. Repeat until makeup is completely removed.

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