Logex Diamond Household Natural Latex Gloves

60,500 LBP
By Logex

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Latex household gloves for all household chores, also suitable for use in the kitchen and for handling food. The special anti-slip diamond pattern ensures better grip on all surfaces.

Store the product in a cool and dry place.
Avoid exposure to sunlight and sources of heat.
It is recommended to rinse the product after each use.
The glove is subject to wear: replace frequently and if imperfections are noticed.
Keep the package for information.

This product is suitable for food handling
(2 hours at 40°C), in compliance with EU regulation CE 1935/2004

• Elastic and resistant, these gloves ensure maximum comfort during long-lasting housework.
• The special anti-slip pattern ensures better grip on all surfaces.
Diamond: corn starch-lined, anti-slip pattern,
anti-drop edge, food contact certification.