Kiramore Dog Maxi Adult Regular 3 Kg

90,000 LBP

Brand Kiramore

Complete food for dogs of large and giant dimensions. Age 15/18/24 + months
Granules rich in chicken and turkey meat. In addition, supplemented for life essential: Omega 3/6 + Vitamin C.

The feed keeps weight and muscle mass in good condition. Lipid levels are adjusted to prevent weight gain, thereby reducing the risk of obesity in animals with reduced physical activity. 
Other benefits of the feed:
Omega 3 - polyunsaturated fatty acids that synergistically help to strengthen the protective effect of omega 6 on the skin.
Omega 6 - poly-unsaturated fatty acids, necessary to maintain hydrated skin, with soft, shiny hair.
Vitamin C - antioxidant, a nutrient that works synergistically with vitamin E, constantly regenerates and supports antioxidants.

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