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Kiramore Cat Adult Special Care Hairball 1,5 kg

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Brand Kiramore
SKU: 8001541004078
KIRAmore CAT ADULT special care HAIRBALL 1,5kg
Complete food for adult long-haired cats with salmon and rice.
Due to its highly hygroscopic strength, pea fiber stimulates the intestines and facilitates the elimination of accumulated bezoars.
Other benefits of the feed:
Taurine - an essential amino acid in cats ensuring proper heart, vision and hearing function, is also beneficial for the immune system and fertility.
Minerals - anti-tartar substances that prevent plaque mineralization so that teeth remain white.
Dried beet pulp - serves to maintain the optimal consistency of feces and, thanks to its fiber content, maintains the proper function of the intestinal tract.
Yeast - are carriers of B vitamins, increase the intestinal immune system.
Yucca - reduces the odor of feces.

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