IDC Institute Secret Stories Tea Rose & Sage Care Big Gift Set


The set from IDC is suitable for a gift to a beloved woman. It includes shower gel, foam and bath salts, hand cream, lotion, body scrub and candle. The IDC Institute Secret Stories set is presented in a pretty pink ribbon basket.

The shower gel carefully cleans and refreshes the skin of the body, and the scrub gently exfoliates it. The foam, bath salts and candle turn the time spent in the bath into a relaxing SPA experience. The body lotion delicately hydrates and nourishes, and the hand cream makes the skin soft and smooth to the touch. The products in the set have a captivating scent of sage and rose.

The set contains:

  • shower gel - 100 ml
  • bath foam - 100 ml
  • bath salts - 100 g
  • hand cream - 80 ml
  • body lotion - 50 ml
  • body scrub - 50 ml
  • candle - 1 piece
  • decorative basket - 1 piece