Hodaf Acne Pimple Patch

By Hodaf

Contains 36 patches (8mmx24pcs+12mmx12pcs)

This acne pimple healing patch is made with natural antibacterial ingredients that helps keep the skin moist for faster healing. 

Hydrocolloid surface helps keep the affected area moist which promotes healing of the skin.

Can be used prior to makeup application to keep the affected area clean

Directions for use:

  • Wash and dry the pimple are
  • Apply the patch on the pimple, gently press for 3-5 seconds for better adhesion
  • Remove and replace after it turns opaque. Wear overnight or at least for 5 hours
Ingredients: Hydrocolloid
polyisobutylene 17%, CMC 30%, mineral oil 5% > tackifying resin 15%, and hot melted adhesive